Going Green

The Fling Festival recognises that they have a responsibility to the environment, and are committed to a programme of continuous improvement within our day-to-day planning activities and with regard to event delivery. There is a commitment to reduce the risk to the environment and ensure activities comply with all relevant legislation and other obligations.

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The specific aim of the Environmental Policy is to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

Where possible, we aim to achieve this by implementing the following:

  • Dispose of event waste in a manner that meets our environmental objectives
  • Educate the public by highlighting our recycling facilities on each event site.
  • Work with contractors to ensure planned activity is both sustainable and minimises any detrimental impact to the environment.
  • Use the resources available to the event industry including the sustainability toolkit.
  • Seek to encourage good environmental practice among our partners, contractors and other council departments.
  • Promote any public transport available to and from our events.
  • Use our IT systems to disseminate information to promote a positive message of environmental sustainability

The Fling Festivals Environmental Policy will be regularly reviewed and the team will work with staff, suppliers and clients to achieve improvements in our environmental performance.

Going Green fling festival

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